Original Music out of CRHS: Amanda Arndt Musician Profile

Amanda Arndt


Viktorie Menna, Author

After hearing her perform her original song “Victory Cry” at the 2017 Homecoming Coronation, you might have said “wow,” but Amanda Arndt has been wowing people with her voice long before that assembly. A senior at CRHS, Arndt first became interested in singing because of her mother singing to her, and the stories she told her of being a singer in a band. Understandably, she listed her mother, along with her grandmother, Adele, and Whitney Houston, as one of her biggest influences.

Arndt had a specific process for writing her songs, writing out the piano chords first then figuring out what she wanted the song to be about. One challenge she often came across when writing songs was the lyrics, specifically articulating her emotions in a musical way. “I can’t always say things the way I want to say them…I want things to rhyme and sound good,” said Arndt. All of her songs were about things that have happened in her life, so capturing the real emotion was important to her. When asked what she wanted people to know about her music, Arndt did not hesitate in her answer, replying, “It’s real. It’s actual emotions. It’s how I feel. It’s my story of my life.”

Of course, there’s no reason to expect that story to end anytime soon as Arndt hoped to continue professionally. She is planning to audition for Juilliard, a prestigious art school in New York. Although she hopes to make it big time, the person she would most like to collaborate with is Alex Moronge, a close friend and fellow choir member. “I love singing with Alex,” beamed Arndt.

With a bright musical future ahead of her, it’s possible one day that Arndt will be headlining at the Hollywood Bowl, her dream place to perform. Until then, catch her periodic performances at pep assemblies, choir concerts, or in English class during work time harmonizing with her friend.