Yuken Harmon, Writer

Last quarter, 20 seconds left, score tied, basketball shoes are intensely squeaking from players swiftly moving around. The ball is inbounded to the freshman point guard, he takes it to the corner and shoots… he scores! The student section, parents, teaching staff, cheerleaders, and even the opposing team all storm the court to celebrate with him. This special moment shows what being involved in high school sports is all about. 

Joining a high school sport is the best thing that can happen to you during your 4 years there, other than graduation. It holds the benefits of boosting your leadership and teamwork skills, social skills, and mental and physical toughness/health. 

For example, the player that inbounded the ball to the freshman showed his leadership and teamwork skills. He decided to take a courageous clarity by putting the game in the hands of the freshman and by doing that he brought the team closer together. 

Why is learning these skills so beneficial? “The teamwork and leadership skills that students learn on the field often carry over to the classroom and beyond, creating a more positive school culture as a whole” (Crowley, 2019). 

It causes students to become more involved in school, daily activities, and their social life. Playing the favorite sport you love with others makes students far more interactive, create new bonds with friends, and have better relationships with people in and outside of school. According to At Your Own Risk, “Student athletes manifest stronger peer relationships, better attachment with adults, higher self-esteem, a closer sense of family, and participate more in volunteerism.”

Also, participating in high school sports boosts your mental health and physical health. In agreement, Coon Rapids senior Rory Ruotsinoja said, “High school soccer taught me on how to advocate for myself when obstacles arise as a captain and it improved my endurance.”  To elaborate, it allows you to train and work for a certain goal with others while recreating yourself mentally and physically. 

High school sports is just the right start for students to learn or even boost skills such as leadership and social skills. It improves your personal well-being, both mentally and physically.  Also, it leads to more high schoolers being active in the community, “such as volunteering for a Salvation Army or helping a fundraiser at a nearby church.”

 Lastly, all it takes is a nice talk with your athletic director about how you want to become a part of high school sports. The enjoyment of playing your favorite sport, making new friends, combating real-life problems with new skills, becoming more interactive in your community, and making your school proud will turn you into an absolute role model to others around you.

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