The Inside Scoop About Student Council

Denise Roberts, Writer

Ever heard about events such as Homecoming and Spirit Week around school? Well, little did you know that there is a long process before those events are presented to us, the student body. The people behind all those events are the student council. 

They are very hardworking people and the president of the Student Council is Ta’Nayiah Hampton. Ta’Nayiah Hampton is our Student Council President and plans every one of our school events along with the council. Ta’Niyah has been in the Student Council for 4 years (grades 9-12). Ta’Nayiah has always liked being a leader even before she joined the Student Council. 

When asked what was the reason behind joining the Student Council, Hampton’s response was, “I wanted to join the Student Council because I thought it would be the best way for me personally to become involved in our school. I’ve always liked planning and taking charge of projects and thought the student council would be perfect for me to exercise both of these interests.” Hampton takes interest in planning things even when outside of school, whether that be schedules or just chore charts, she’s all ears. 

The hardest part about Student Council would have to be balancing. Sometimes people may not realize it’s a struggle to maintain more than just school and you have to be persistent. 

“It is difficult to balance work, school, and student council. People may not realize it, but the Student Council takes up quite a bit of members’ free time. But, if you find the sweet spot and learn to balance the three effectively, it just ends up being a passion rather than a job,” said Hampton. 

Activities such as being in a student council are not easy. You have to stay on top of your work if you want to succeed. Being in a council means not everyone is always going to come to an agreement on one thing, so they take a vote on school events or which idea they like more. Whichever of the ideas gets a higher vote, that’s what they go with. Majority rules is always a good choice especially when it comes to voting on something in a large group. 

Homecoming is one of the first events of the school year, so the council needed a bit of inspiration to spice up the theme. The way our Homecoming theme came together was, “We went through several ideas before we came to masquerade for the theme. At first, we were thinking of cherry blossoms, but we decided it would be rather difficult to actually decorate the cafeteria with a bunch of fake flowers. I mentioned how I wanted this theme to be classy yet different because most of the themes are repetitive and kind of boring. A member suggested a masquerade and we all went ‘oooo that would be cute,’” Hampton said. This year the Homecoming looked amazing, You can tell the Student Council put a lot of effort into their job. 

Student Council can sound like a lot of fun, but many responsibilities come with it, but in the end, you get a great experience and end up making lots of memories.