Underrated Hidden Gem on Netflix


Jayla Patterson, Writer

Do you ever get curious about what your peers are watching on Netflix? Would you like to watch something new that you haven’t watched before? Well, here are some of the most recommended hidden gems on Netflix. 

  • Peaky Blinders

After interviewing multiple students of CRHS some of them recommended the show Peaky Blinders. According to the interviews, and some research, it’s about an old-time gangster in the United Kingdom. So if you’re someone with a long lasting love for plot twists, mystery, and life lessons, this just might be the show for you. 

  • Mr. Right

This next suggestion is for the movie lovers. Mr. Right is about a hitman who falls in love and wants to turn his life around while he lives with targets on his back. For all of you who love to watch adventurous romance movies, this one is definitely for you. 

  • Everything Sucks

This next suggestion is for the kids who love lgbt+ and ally shows! This is a show about teen culture in the 1990’s and what it is like to be a teen discovering yourself back then. This show is a good representation of what it’s like to discover your sexuality, mental health, and what it’s like growing up in the 90’s. 

  • The Blacklist 

The Blacklist is also a teen favorite that not a lot of people know about. The Blacklist is full of adventure, action and drama. If you like FBI agents, and father and daughter drama, then this may be the show for you. 

  • Locke and Key

I have gotten this recommendation multiple times, so I would like to introduce you to the show Locke and Key. Locke and Key is a show about a family named the Lockes. The Lockes move into their old family home after their dad dies and finds magical keys. One of my reviewers said, “If you are a sci-fi nerd just like me, then you will love this show.”

  • Moesha

This is an anime about a teenage girl who is learning how to adapt to changes such as school, friends, a new step mom, and romance. If you feel like you have troubles adapting to changes this may be the show for you. It’ll teach you skills on how to adapt to change. 

  • Garden of Words

This last suggestion is another popular, yet underrated, anime. Anyone who likes romance, drama, and animation, this one’s for you. This show is about a lonely teenager who misses his morning lessons in favor of sitting in a beautiful garden. If you would like to know what happens next you should for sure check out this Netflix hidden gem. 

Now that I shared these with you, I hope you will never run out of shows to watch. I challenge you to at least check some of these shows out and see what some of your peers are watching.