Ceramics, Tobi Maunu

Tobi Maunu, Writer

When I was a freshman I took Ceramics 1 online, in my sophomore year I gambled and took Ceramics 2 and 3 in-person and I ended up loving them. Now this year, my junior year, I took AP Ceramics and became TA for Ms. Hjelmberg during third trimester. I love ceramics, not only for making creations I like, but also because I’ve been able to see multiple levels of Ceramics students’ artwork. Ceramics became the motivation for me to come to school. It’s fun to work with your hands and get messy, and end up with something beautiful. It’s also been important for me to learn that not everything you make will be amazing, and as I’ve gone through the higher levels of Ceramics I have learned that there’s less pressure for everything to be great since there’s a lot of freedom with what you do. If anyone is considering taking ceramics I say you should go for it, and try to make the most of the projects, instead of only working to earn an art credit.