3 Underrated Artists that You Need in Your Playlist

Ahmed Gboweay, Writer

  1. Kyle Dion (r&b/neo-soul)– Top tier singing, effortless falsetto, just chef’s kiss.
    • If you like artists like SZA, Giveon, or Dvsn you’ll like Kyle Dion.
    • Songs you need: Cherry Blossom, Cool Side Of The Pillow, and Brown.
  2. Umi (r&b/neo-soul)- Vocals like butter, on the come up but still very much slept on, Calming vibe.
    • If you like Pink Sweat$, Snoh Aalegra, or SZA you’ll like UMI.
    • Songs you need: Open Up, Butterfly, Down to Earth, and Introspection
  3. Ceeko (r&b/soul)– great singing, South African singer, very new.
    • If you like love songs that talk about the stages of an ended relationship (kind of like Giveon’s EP “When It’s All Said And Done”) you’ll love Ceeko.
    • Songs you need: Messed up, Open, and Lay Low