Welcome to Metta

Welcome to Metta

Arieanna Hoium, Writer

“May you be happy, may you be healthy, may you be satisfied, may you live a life of ease.” A blessing Amber Bullock has been saying for the past six years while roasting coffee beans. Amber and Amanda Bullock are owners of the coffee shop, Metta located in Andover (15190 Bluebird St NW #100, Andover, MN 55304). Although Bullock has had six years of experience with coffee, Metta opened up in June of 2020. 

Their main goal with customers was, according Bullock “just to make their day better.” They provide a personalized experience to put a smile on your face, along with fast service. 

They have 36 pre-created drinks and 27 flavor options if you prefer to make your own, including pumpkin all year round. They also have handmade breakfast, lunch, and snack options available. 

The love at Metta isn’t shared just with food and drinks, but also in the environment the Bullock family has created there. When you first walk in you are greeted by LGBTQ+ flags and a strong feeling of safety. Metta has made it a goal to be as welcoming to everyone as they can be. 

They are also a completely sober place, serving non-alcoholic beverages so they can better accommodate those who are in the recovering community. They host open mic nights, game nights, book clubs, grad parties, and pop-up dinners with guest chefs. Because Metta is a sober environment they have opened up their business to everyone in the community. 

They are not only a welcoming place for the community, but they make the community a welcoming place. The Bullock’s have done many food/hygiene drives for River Trail Learning Center, a K-12 school for students with special needs. They also give donations to school programs that are often overlooked, such as the Art Departments. 

Every business has been affected recently by the economic status of the world. Metta has not been excluded. 100 kilos of coffee beans used to be $500, now the price of that has raised to over $1000. Metta has been hit hard with this, causing them to change their store hours and raise the prices of their products. 

Bullock is not too upset about the changes as she states, “We think of our customers as part of our family and I don’t think they are going anywhere.”

Metta is branching out to make more profit in a different way, they are now selling coffee beans in places outside of their business. Make sure you keep an eye out for Metta’s branding to help them continue to spread love and kindness throughout the community.