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What was your favorite Homecoming Spirit Day?

  • Cardinal Pride Day (36%, 9 Votes)
  • Workout Day (32%, 8 Votes)
  • Dress-Up Day (20%, 5 Votes)
  • Neon Day (8%, 2 Votes)
  • Jersey Day (4%, 1 Votes)

Total Voters: 25

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Registration: Elective Recommendations


Arguably the most difficult part of the year is when you’re deciding the classes you’ll take next year. It’s easier if you have very passionate interests. But if you’re unsure about what to take, here’s some elective recommendations. The common thread in all of these recommendations is that the classes are fun/enjoyable. So when you’re deciding what to take next year, don’t think of what will be an “easy A”, think of what you will get out of a class, and if you will enjoy it and be able to put effort into it. Since you have to be here you may as well enjoy as much of it as you can. 


“An elective I recommend is jewelry & craft design (I and II). The elective may sound complicated, but you make a ton of different fun projects in this class! It goes beyond just simple jewelry making or simple crafts. You learn about different techniques and styles of art, along with doing a lot of hands-on art projects. You really use your creativity and input your own ideas into your projects. I definitely recommend it to anyone who wants to do something fun, enjoys crafting or just wants to make something unique.” – Thiennhu N. 


“I didn’t take very many electives. The only ones that I enjoyed were the child development classes. I’d recommend it because they are fun and enjoyable classes with a very kind teacher who understands her students.” – Jasmine V. 


I would recommend ceramics to anyone who’s already creative, and/or likes working with their hands. The projects are fun and get more challenging as your skills improve. You also get to make pretty much whatever you want when you finish a project early. It’s really fun to make functional projects, and you can make gifts for people you know. 

I would also recommend graphic design to anyone who is interested in adobe and different methods of production. It was really fun to do a variety of projects, from screen printing onto shirts, printing onto mugs and lanyards, and making posters. I would recommend actually being original and putting effort into your designs so you actually keep the things you make in there. It’s a lot more fun when you don’t just take images from the internet, you should transform them or create your own images. But overall, it was really fun for me because I put effort and thought into what I was creating. 


“I personally recommend computer art if you haven’t tried it yet. The class isn’t difficult once you get over the basic understanding of the tools. You are also given a pencil and pad to draw digitally. The teacher assigns practice and lets you basically play with the tools to have a better understanding. I personally like the project that we did at the end of the trimester. You basically find a person you wanna draw and color. It is meant to be realistic, too.” – Angelina X. 

“Culinary is also enjoyable! Cooking leads to bond and friendship. Also, you cook at least once a week. If you’re someone who enjoys eating and trying other people’s food, I definitely recommend it. This class is an easy A and teaches you useful skills.” – Angelina X. 

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