Construction Junction at CRHS


Xochitl Salazar, Writer

A couple years ago, Coon Rapids High School received $13 million to add an additional 19,500 square feet to the building. One of the biggest additions of space was the atrium, which was thankfully completed in time for the 2021-2022 school year, and seems to be gaining much use from students. 

When asked what attracted students to spending time in the atrium, Romina Aguilar commented, “It’s nice and modern.”

When asking students what they enjoyed most about the atrium, answers varied. “It’s a nice place to be,” stated Shiloh Blake, another sophomore at Coon Rapids High School. “Talking with friends and walking around is more enjoyable than before.” 

Although comments on the atrium are mostly positive, there are some things that students are not enjoying in the atrium. Aguilar stated that the atrium has a loud echo that can, at times, be irritating. She added on to this and expressed the need for more privacy in the also new gender neutral bathrooms.  

Sophomore Alex Jasper stated that it is a bit too bright due to one wall of the room being constructed of mainly glass. 

Blake tagged on to this, stating that  “People do not walk correctly” in the atrium at times. 

There is always room for improvement and as the atrium is used more, students are thinking of ways to make the area an even more inviting place in Coon Rapids High School. The three sophomores had many ideas regarding this and they agreed that adding more chairs would make the atrium more inviting and accessible to more students. Blake also suggested that adding in more bathrooms would make the atrium better.

All in all, it seems like the atrium is being enjoyed by students and they cannot wait to see what improvements the area gains in the school years to come.