Original Music out of CRHS: Jacob Nelson Musician Profile

Jacob Nelson


Viktorie Menna, Author

Jacob Nelson, a senior at CRHS, started creating his own music after downloading a random music software and messing around with it. 4 years and 5 songs on SoundCloud later, Nelson has made a name for himself at CRHS as the EDM guy, and he doesn’t plan on stopping anytime soon as he hopes to continue professionally. “It’s the thing I’m most passionate about…sometimes I get my own song stuck in my head,” quipped Nelson.

Although his choice musical medium is his computer, making music is not a breeze for Nelson, sharing that it might take him around 20 hours to write a song. “Electronic music is not easy just because it’s on a computer…I make every part of my music, ” he remarked. Some common challenges he runs across when making music is not knowing where to take the song and letting the sound shape the emotion of the song due to the absence of lyrics. There is no formula when it comes to how Nelson creates his songs, mentioning that the first thing he makes often varies. However, he firmly states that he never makes the intro first. 

Inspiration for Nelson’s music often comes from other musicians, Tool and Metallica for example, and ideas from their music that he can shape into his own unique song. Just as the musicians he gleans inspiration from, his ideas for future collaborations are not just limited to electronic artists, swiftly stating Post Malone as his desired collaborator. According to Nelson, “…that man can do anything.”

Keep an eye out on his Soundcloud, username Nelja Lerob, for more music coming soon. He has plenty of projects in the works, and in the future, one of them just might feature Post Malone.