VRChat Booms


There are many different types of games within the various genres. An older one that got popular recently, due to a Ugandan Knuckles, is VRChat. VRChat is a free game that, despite its name, can be played with a virtual reality headset and controllers or a simple mouse and keyboard.

VRChat has many players from all over the world. This gaming platform allows the players to socialize using avatars that the players can create or find in one of the many avatar worlds. Some players have been able to find more confidence in talking to new people, due to the large assortment of people in game. VRChat has a wonderful community of people, with a wide range of ages from twelve to seventy years-old, and players can use up time easily as its similar to going outside and meeting friends but, you can stay inside and do what you haven’t been able to do before.

And if you don’t want to talk, you can go to a private world and do as you please. There are many worlds that can accommodate anyone that decides to play. I asked players what VRChat is to them. “VRChat is a video game you can use to socialise through an avatar and allow social anxiety to be watered down by conversing with strangers,” said Silo the Insufferable.

There are many games within the game as well, from creative quizzes to rage games that will surely keep you occupied. One option is “The Box Game” where you try and avoid all of the red obstacles that go from one side to the next; you must press the button at the end to complete the level as the levels increase in difficulty. Or you can do a quiz such as the “Anime Quiz” where you match a theme song with its title. Or you can go head-to-head with friends in a game of “Murder” where one person is the murderer and one is the detective, while everyone else is a bystander. In that one the goal is to find and kill the murder or the murder will find and kill you. If that’s too much for you, there’s a less violent game of “Hide and Seek” which is simple: players hide until the seekers get let out, then the seekers go look for them.

It’s no wonder VRChat is booming in popularity. With all of this flexibility, it has something for every user.