Cardinals Care


Megan Spielbauer, Author

In the last month, several hurricanes have occurred in the Caribbean area affecting mainland United States and many islands, most recently Harvey, Irma, and Maria. People lost their homes, all of their belongings and some even lost their lives. Estimates of damages from Irma and Harvey are expected to top $150 billion, according to Moody’s Analytics.

Our school conducted a fundraiser during Homecoming week for the victims of Hurricane Irma. The event was organized by Viktorie Menna, Megan Spielbauer and Makeda Tadessa. “No one was doing anything. This hurricane came so quickly after Harvey that it seemed to have been overlooked,” Menna said. Students collected a grand total of $924 during school lunches and before school, as well as during the Senior Guys Volleyball Tournament. Tracking the donations by grade-level, the senior class donated the most money over any other class, and even staff. The money will be donated to the organization International Relief Teams.