Our Vote, Our Voice.


Morgan Gibson

Abby Karels, Writer

Elections were just held for the Midterm election. This election was extremely important for the states and what direction the government would run in, and how the individual candidates would impact the states. Voting seems to be a debatable topic, whether it matters to vote or not. I decided to ask fellow students and teaches here at Coon Rapids High School the following questions:

Why did you vote?”

“Why is it important to vote?”

“What do you think about the voting age?”

“I voted because I want my voice to be heard. And I want to show that I have an opinion on what I think should be happening. I believe the age of voting should be 18 because you are legally an adult and you understand more about what’s actually going on with our country.” -Morgan Gibson

“I voted because I want to be able to have a say in how our government is operated. I feel fortunate to live in a society where citizens are able to shape the way things are [run],so I believe everyone should exercise this right. I think the voting age is a good fit.” -Ashley Flattem

“I decided to vote because it is something that not everyone can [do], because of age or criminal charges, so those who can should-and it’s important to get your own opinions out there and make a difference. I also agree with the age limit, I think it’s at a great age.” -Quincy Taylor

“I think voting is important because we are lucky enough. To live in a country where we get to voice our opinions on who gets to govern us, and every vote matters in each election. If you want a say in politics, voting is the best way to do so. I think the voting age is appropriate, since 18 is the age of adulthood in America and 18 is the age that most people begin their lives as independent from their parents. I’ve noticed a lot of changes in myself since being 18 and all the adult issues we all face with college, careers, and money. So I think 18 is reasonable.”  –Sarah Hilst

“I voted because I believe that it is the most important way to participate in democracy. Voting is a right we have as Americans that allows us to directly have a stake in the political, social, and economic well-being of our country. People need to vote so their voices can be heard! I feel we do not have the right to complain or degrade our government if we chose not to vote, it is a direct way to express our personal values, our political aspirations, and ourselves. Voting is the voice of the people, our government derives its power from us, its people. I agree with the current voting age, I think 18 is a fair age for considering young people to be “adults”. I would advocate for lawmakers to keep the voting age at 18.” – Mr. Bartz

Voting is an American right and should be utilized. As civilians, we need to use our voice to chose how the government is run and contribute to the changes that happening in our state. Our vote, our voice.