Need a New Adventure?

People’s favorite vacations spots that are definitely worth the cost


Ella Giorgi, Writer

In 2018 there was an estimated 1.4 billion international travelers with and expected 4% increase in 2019 (Travelingcook, 2019). Many people travel every year but even more people want to travel, but don’t know where to go. When I asked people about their favorite vacation, many people based it off of how pretty they thought it was, the food, who they were with, and the weather.


Some people’s favorite vacations were within the United States. Natalie Schultz said that her favorite vacation was her trip to Oregon. She said she liked it because it was really pretty an the food was good, “I was with my family and our best friends,” Schultz said, “It made me feel calm in nature, adventuring with the people I love most.” Others had similar things to say, Samantha Pylvanen said her favorite trip was to Las Vegas because the food was good and The Strip was really pretty. Lateja Franklin said her favorite trip was to Colorado because she loves hiking and it was really pretty. 


Not many Americans get to travel to Europe, but those who were able to definitely thought it was worth it. Kris Giorgi said that her favorite vacation was in Italy because the country has a ton of cultural aspects, she said the fountains and churches were amazing. She also liked Italy because there are art museums and galleries everywhere, and the food, “I don’t think you can get a bad meal in Italy,” said Giorgi, “I loved the country”. Judging by the reviews from Giorgi, Europe is a great place to go, and Nicole Post’s response only adds to the list. “I really like Europe, but specifically Berlin, Germany,” said Post. She liked it because it was beautiful and the architecture there was phenomenal. Finally, Erika Jenkins recently visited Iceland and she liked it because it was cold and rainy, there were random trampolines everywhere, and it was empty.

Other exotic vacation locations can be on this side of the globe. A lot of people enjoy them because of the weather, but there are so many other things that make it a great place to visit. When asked where her favorite vacation was and why, Sophie Bickle said Mexico. “I really enjoyed the heat and that I could just tan all day,” said Bickle, “ and I got a fish pedicure that made my feet really soft.” Another place to visit is the Dominican Republic, Maddie Giorgi said it was her favorite vacation because of the beautiful blue water and gorgeous beaches, but she also said the food was really good.

Although vacations can be spendy, they are definitely worth it because of the memories and new experiences. I hope this inspires you to take your dream vacation or even just consider one, because it’s always fun if your in the right place with the right people.