Teaching, Is It Worth It?


Najwa Al Zaghir, Writer

Is it worth it, becoming a teacher? That is one question students looking into becoming a teacher all can relate to and want an answer to as well.

When this question is asked to your ordinary everyday person, the usual response is simply, no. Their follow-up reason is most likely something to do with the low-income that educators make. But what doesn’t come to mind are the other factors that go into teaching, such as the relationships teachers build with their students over time and the specific details of the pros and cons. I took it upon myself to interview a series of teachers and discover their opinions on this topic. 

According to CRHS math teacher Lauren Pichette, “I started with the process of becoming a teacher, which includes applying to colleges, taking the required tests, and studying. Becoming a teacher is a lot harder than it sounds, no matter the age group you specialize in.” When teachers were asked about their experiences learning to be a teacher the responses were pretty linear. The process is, in fact, long and many changed their majors multiple times throughout their college years. Not only is the process difficult but the challenges don’t stop when you find a job and can call yourself a teacher. For many, finding a teaching style that works for them and their students was difficult. One teacher didn’t know where to draw the line when it came to being a teacher and a friend to your students. She stated, I want to be their friend because teenagers are so fun and at a fun time in their lives, but you still have to maintain your professionalism and be a disciplinarian at times.” Knowing where to draw the line when it comes to discipline is one thing, another thing is finding a way to meet every student’s needs in the classroom when no one kid is on the same level. Teachers are forced to teach the same thing, the same way to a variety of kids in the classroom who all have a varying skill set. One teacher even saying “ how to manage a classroom with varying attitudes and learning styles is an ongoing struggle to master.”

All of that may seem too hard for a lot of people which causes them to overlook the pros of being a teacher. Teachers, and educators in general, have an impact on students, whether it may be good or bad. This brings us to the question, does knowing this change the playing field for teachers? When asked this question, many answers were consistent. The impact on students was described as being “everything” by one teacher. For most teachers, having that positive impact on their students is what makes their job worth it. One teacher explained how her teaching philosophy is solely based on her impact on students saying, “Even if I can’t teach them anything, at least I can let them know I care about them and actually like them as a person.” This experience is more than enough for many students. 

In conclusion, the question is still left open. Do the pros of being a teacher outweigh the cons? I am unable to interview every teacher in the world, and knowing they all have different opinions and experiences with their students makes finding answers that much more difficult. So in the end, the best answer is simply no answer at all.