Could Never Hate Being Brown

Kosenn Zennah

“We walk past, they saw us on the corner,

God forbid we met eyes or brushed shoulders.

Everyone else saw just another black kid 

but they… they saw a threat,

maybe even a pet.

Pulled out their gun, cock it back and shot. Left us for dead. One bullet straight through our heads.

I watch my mom crying over me

I just wanted some snacks, but I forgot, I shouldn’t be walking while black

My fault…

The same people that are supposed to protect, are the same people that take lives-

They go on late night drives, 

Look for a black kid shoots them- and hopes they don’t survive…

Or, see them in the after life.


“I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America and to the Republic for which it stands, one nation, under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all…”

Justice for who?

For me?

For you?

No, it’s not supposed to be for all 

You see how I said “supposed?”

Because I’m still waiting for justice, for the ⅞ black men and boys that got killed by police officers.


It’s because they felt threatened. But what do you expect?

I send all of them my blessings, it’s honestly depressing, they don’t even think about them

They just pull out their weapons 

It’s like they don’t care

Or maybe they don’t hear

Hear them yelling “I can’t breathe”

How could you hear that and still…feel threatened?

They just don’t care, black kids are always walking on air, 

Always remembering their momma’s morning prayers. 

Trust me when I say I was in tears writing this, I wish it was different. 


All the strong black people that got killed are whispering, “don’t worry baby, I’m not the only one listening” 

You tell me I’m “free” 

You tell me I’m “equal”

You tell me I’m “wanted”

But our blood on your ground teached it’s own sequel


That badge that you wear, that code that you stand by, it’s full of shhhhh…

No more cries. No more pain. No more protests,

We just “playin the game,”

That’s what they say yet we keep on dying 

Mothers crying, souls flying, and the government is lying.

This land that we call a country is horrifying 



The sky is lit by those flames that scream for justice.

If yall are bloodless, gutless- man, it makes me disgusted to see another black soul gone from the face of this earth

You were not born racist, you were taught. 

How many others?

From the beginning of time, we were held down 

Taught to keep our read down, taught to slam the shovels into the hard ground, taught the crack of that sound, taught to be happy with the constant booming…letdowns.


They handed me my life, I looked at it and had a breakdown 

Cause I knew my life was doomed as soon as I took off that cap and gown.

But, I could never hate being brown 

Regardless of the pain we have to go through

Day after day 

I could never hate being brown