Tear Down That Wall


Abby Karels, Writer

Imagine this: You wake up at exactly 7:37, an hour and seven minutes after your alarm…the one that didn’t go off. You already know you’re gonna be late. You quickly get ready, trying to avoid a truant. You arrive at school at 8 o’clock. You still get a truant. You walk up to door 12. It’s locked. To add to your suffering, you now have to walk around THE WALL.

It all depends on the weather. And in Minnesota, that’s not great. My first encounter with the wall was when I had a Series of Unfortunate Events morning, not unlike the one described in the introduction above. It was a blistering cold day and, being a high school student, I hadn’t dressed properly for the weather. I might have, had I known I was going to have to walk 8 miles to get to class. I experienced severe discomfort and wouldn’t have been surprised if I had to be rushed to the hospital with hypothermia. Or frostbite. Or sniffles.

Abby Karels
The recent snow storms have made the trek around the wall even more treacherous for those students who arrive after the doors are locked.

Another inconvenience of the wall is time. It takes literally forever to get around the wall. Literally.  I am already late to class, now with the wall I am going to be way more late. The wall is taking away my time to learn, and if the school values my learning and education then they should take the steps to help me accomplish .  Succeeding in school would be a much more achievable goal without the wall or the locked auditorium doors. I mean really, how likely is it that we are actually going to have intruders???

As the situation stands now, I patiently wait in my car until someone walks out of the auditorium doors, allowing me to enter without walking around the wall. Or, sometimes, I text my friends to “go to the bathroom” so they can let me in. I am restricting their time to learn, but they care enough about me that they don’t want me to die.  Again, hypothermia.

If the administrators value education, they should tear down that wall. The majority of students are just like me. They value their educations, but they are penalized with limited educational time for being loyal friends. Just like me.