Your Introduction to Fantasy Football

Carter Aadland, Staff Writer

Do you not know how to play fantasy football? Are you a beginner?  Do you need to know who to draft? What is most important? How to handle the free agency? How to handle trades? How to win your league? Then you need this article where you will get some tips and clarifications to try to win your league.

Fantasy football, as you probably know, is a system of individual football players getting points for your fantasy team and trying to beat your opponents per  every week, then over the season get wins, and

A fantasy game on the ESPN fantasy website between two teams in week ten of the NFL season. This was a battle between a 2-7 team and a 7-2 team. The 2-7 team manager said, “Yeah, I’m going to lose.”

eventually go to the fantasy playoffs and win the championship. The type of league I will be referring to is a point per reception; it has, one quarterback, two running back, two wide receiver, one tight end, flex, kicker, and defense league. I have interviewed one experienced player, Nic Leibold, and a beginner, Ian Larson, to show misconceptions, clarifications, and tips.

The first thing to go over is the draft which will kick off the your season and create the structure of your team. One misconception in the draft is in the first round which position to pick, when I asked my beginner Larson he mentioned,  “Quarterbacks,” and when I asked the experienced player Leibold he said “Running Backs.” This could be a common misconception because quarterbacks are considered the most important position in football but in fantasy not so much. There are lots of quarterbacks that can get you points, but good running backs are hard to come by and that is why you need to snatch them early. When looking for a running back to draft, as mentioned by Leibold, you should look for attempts and receptions because the more touches a player gets, the more chance the player has to get points. The same thing with receivers: the more receptions you get, the more chances at points. When asked about Leibold’s draft philosophy is he said, “Running backs first, wide receivers second, and then quarterbacks.” This strategy is a very solid strategy/outline but the draft will bring exceptions and, if you find a player with too much value you can break this philosophy. Overall in the draft, you try to assemble the best team you can find and these tips might just help you find it. 

On a scale of 1-10 of how active do you have to be in free agency and trades to win a league, Leibold said “8 or higher.’’ This means you have to stay vigilant and keep trying to advance your team during the season with free agency and trades because you don’t just win a league in the draft. 

Larson had a different strategy. He said to “pick up players from the free agency when you need them.” when asked how to handle free agency. This is not really a good strategy because there are always players in free agency that can help a team even if there is not an immediate need. sSo, keep your eyes open. 

When it comes to trades you should always be trading for a player(s) you think is more valuable than you are trading away. Also, one tip is to look for a player you think has been playing badly but you think will turn it around, you can trade for that player for cheap, whereas if a player has been playing really good and you are trying to trade for him it will cost a lot. So it is preferable you try to get a player who is cheaper but still if you are gaining more value, why not offer a trade? 

The free agency of a league on the ESPN fantasy website in week 10 of the NFL season. One of the players on the free agency was Ceedee Lamb who started the season strong but when his quarterback got injured started playing bad and was dropped. The team manager who dropped him said, “He is now useless.”

On the other hand though a key component to trading as quoted by Leibold, “you need to be willing to lose players.” If you are not willing to trade your players and make an even trade you will never get a trade done. In conclusion in free agency and trades always stay active, try and acquire value or your team will fall flat.