The Consensus

Shacheyanna (SJ) Johnson, Writer

Blessed are the little children, snuggled in their beds.

Consensus is that instead of pillows of cotton, and mattresses with springs, those same children are laying down in cages instead.


All men are created equal, says the Constitution.

Consensus is you can’t tell that by the jury, the judge, or the prosecution.


People are God fearing, or so they say.

Consensus is once they see what the real world is like- they just realize they’re scared of change.


In America you have the right to pursue happiness.

Consensus was at what cost? Botham who was eating ice cream in his apartment or Arbery who was going for a jog?


Look at how far LGBTQ+ rights have come.

Consensus is they’re behind us now, when in reality they’ve just begun.


We all agree that teachers help educate and guide the child.

Consensus is that we’ll pay an athlete more than a teacher based on the style.


The right to assemble and protest has always been allowed.

Consensus was that zip ties and the gallows compared to peaceful protesters is allowed? But I guess it just depends on the crowd.


Doctor’s say that what they prescribe will help your construction.

Consensus is that when they take you off it they want to make assumptions.


We post our happiness, our sadness, all to social media platforms.

Consensus is that Zuckerberg got rich while we got depressed about who had the latest platforms.



A noun. Typically a general agreement.

But from you to me- Let’s just agree to disagree.