Music That Will Be Stuck in Your Skull


Abby Karels, Writer

“Life isn’t that serious.” This is the message original musician Carter Skull wants to convey to his audience. Skull is a self-taught musician. He started playing piano when he was a kid and learned guitar in middle school; he has actively played music since. Skull is an original musician, he posts his creations on various apps with music and lyrics all written by Skull himself.

He comes up with his songs in a simpler way than most would expect. “If I think something is funny, and I can put a beat to it, then I’ll make it,” Skull explained. Though he has an effortlessly comedic personality, he still suffers from writer’s block. He gets past it. “I hit record and say nonsense till something funny comes up, then I write it down.”

Writer’s block isn’t his biggest hardship when it comes to making music, though. He told me, “Even though it’s supposed to be comedy and not taken seriously, I’m still self critical.” Even with his self doubts, there is no question that this is his passion. He loves the concept of making people laugh while being creative, and making music is combining both of those things. His favorite song is his newest release called “F*** It It’s Christmas.” For this song, he also created a music video that included several of his close friends. Skull creates videos for his music  because “if the song isn’t funny then the video can be funny and vice versa.”

Skull is a multi-talented person who showcases his  creativity with lyrics, music and film. His biggest inspiration for his music is Tenacious D. He admires how random they are, yet they still take themselves seriously in the songs. This is an accurate inspiration because Skull’s music can be explained identically.

Carter Skull’s friends are incredibly supportive of his music. They enjoy being a part of his music videos.

“It was really fun. It was us hanging out and filming it and doing weird stuff in public,” Morgan Coffeen explained.

Jaren Cable also explained that “It was fun; that’s all. It was cool being able to do whatever and see it together with his music.”

Skull’s friends actively listen to his music. Coffeen’s favorite song is the same as Skull’s. She said, “It’s relatable and funny and different from his other songs.” Zach Mayo and Chris Skog admire “2011, a Space Oddity” because they think it’s the most creative and sends positive vibes. I asked Skull’s friends if they believe that he will be successful doing his music. The unanimous answer was, “Yes, if he learns more than four chords and [does] not just recreate The Office theme song.” This has been a recurring inside joke they all have and it is clear they truly believe that if Skull works hard he will be successful pursuing his passion.

Caitlin Fitzgerald is a senior that goes to University of Minnesota Twin Cities for PSEO full time. She knows Skull from past years, but has never listened to his music. I sat down with her and played her three songs: “F*** it it’s Christmas,” “2011, a Space Oddity,” and “Oh.” Her initial reaction was that it was “unexpectedly good.” Fitzgerald has a specific music genre she listens to, comedy not being one of them, but she explained, “I kinda want to listen to the rest of them to see what they are like; I might add some of them to my library even though it’s not my genre in music.”She admired ‘F*** it it’s Christmas’ the most because it was the first one she heard and it took her by surprise how much she enjoyed it. She also admired how it had a chorus, like a real song does. After telling her that he creates all his music himself, she was pleasantly shocked and intrigued even more.

If you have become intrigued after reading this article, Carter Skull’s comedic, creative music can be found on Spotify and Apple Music.