Swim Club

The first rule of Swim Club is: You do not talk about Swim Club


IJ Fall Contributors (1-15), Alyssa Maciewski #14

Which club team is the best for a swimmer/diver’s specific needs?

If you want to get better at swimming or diving, there’s many options for you to get the best experience. Clubs can help you with your technique, speed or overall workout. I interviewed 3 people who belong to different club teams, and asked them about their experience with their clubs.

If you’re a diver:

Freshman Claire Hartung

ABC diving is the best club for you. I interviewed Diver Claire Hartung ‘22, and asked her why she chose the dive club. While she’s only been there for one year, she has learned a lot from this club. Having multiple coaches at the club, Hartung learned that it’s very useful to get more than one point of view on everything. Hartung said, “Each coach has different ways of coaching and things that they focus on. Like one focuses on small specific details like feet and eye opening, and some focus on actually getting a new dive itself.” The club has supported her specific needs as a diver by helping her get her reverse dive; a dive that she was unable to do for a long time. They also helped her improve her board work and get her front twister.

If you want a challenge and don’t mind a short drive:

Edina Swim club would be happy to have you. Ella Hacker, ‘22 has been with Edina for three years, and has been swimming for six. Hacker enjoys Edina because they provide her the tools to become a better swimmer, and she likes meeting new people there. Edina helps with technique in all strokes, but Hacker’s best stroke is butterfly. The club also supports her by offering challenging practices that allow her to get faster.


If you want an all around training experience:

Sophomore Megan Schultze

Great Wolf is a great swimming club for athletes who want to be the best they can be in every element of their sport. Megan Schultze ‘21 has been swimming for eight years. As a butterfly and

breaststroker, Schultze enjoys going to Great Wolf as they support her in many ways. Schultze said, “They offer lots of practices that help with intense training and technique. They also have a gym to do weight training. The coaches also have talks to teach us about the importance of making goals, working hard, and our mentality.” When asked what her favorite thing to do at practice is, Schultze said “anaerobic sets, which are sprint sets with lots of rest in between.”

Whether you’re a swimmer who wants to work on technique or a diver who wants to learn many new dives, there’s a club team happy to have you on the high school off season. Great Wolf, Edina, and ABC diving are just a few clubs, but there are many around the twin cities that can work with your specific training style. Swimming and diving clubs can help improve your ability if it’s your eighth year swimming, or even your second. There’s always something new they can teach you!