Summer Nietz
Hola! I am currently a sophomore here at Coon Rapids High School. I am involved in Leo Club, Track and Field, FRENCH CLUB, Yearbook, and News Crew. I enjoy hanging out with mes amies, watching new movies and TV shows, listening to music in almost all genres, and laughing a ton. Some of my favorites are French class, navy blue, and learning how to be "amusante" and sarcastic. At the moment my favorite movies are Mona Lisa Smile, Amélie, Moon Rise Kingdom, and Heathers; my favorite livre is Girl Interrupted. Finally, my favorite quote is, "If you go blindly you'll find trouble, but if you go boldly you'll find bliss." that's from a car commercial.

Je ne sais pas. I'll see YOU on the flippity-flop!

Summer Nietz, Author

Oct 13, 2017
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