Patrick Schultz
Hello, I'm Patrick "Massive Legend" Schultz. I'm a senior here and I'm one of CRHS' most ordinary students. I care a lot about the things most people don't really know a lot about at Coon Rapids High School.


I founded Film Club my Sophomore year and I love movies and all types of art. My favorite movie is Dead Poet's Society. Film Club is probably my favorite thing about Coon Rapids High School because it's a fantastic way to relax with some friends while also feeding your brain with some great films.

I'm captain of the swim team and I have been swimming since 7th grade. It's a really good way to make friends and just splish-splash around. I have been playing tennis since sophomore year, which is also pretty neat. I am also a leader of FCA and a member of NHS.


Sometimes I draw in my sketchbook instead of doing my Calc homework, sometimes I go to Perkins with my best friends instead of studying AP Econ, and sometimes I fall asleep reading my book for CIS Lit. I drive a 2002 Chevy Cavalier that I bought from my neighbor for $600. I really enjoy being a teenager and I don't have much to complain about.

I really don't like tomatoes, but it's not like I'll take them off of a sandwich if I forget to ask for them to be withheld. Honestly, I don't really like sandwiches in general. I make my own guacamole from scratch and I love seafood.

Patrick Schultz, Author

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