Intro. to Journalism Contributors T2-2018 (16-29)
  1. Aleena Kivisto: Short and sweet, unlike my coffee.
  2. Athena Madramootoo: Not afraid to photograph a dead body nor to climb through an airduct.
  3. Amal Mousa: I am Beyonce, always. -Michael Scott.
  4. Dao Nguyen: C'est la vie.
  5. Talon Palmer: Cool story, bro.
  6. Miles Plueger: It is not in the stars to hold our destiny, but in ourselves.
  7. Nicole Post: Maybe try some organic thinking. It's good for the globe.
  8. Calvin Ripplinger:
  9. Zabibu Rukia: Chicken is good.
  10. Devin Sabby: WALK BUD!
  11. Cami Sturm: Master in the art of procrastination.
  12. Dorothy White: Be glad and not sad because "sad" spelled backwards is "das". Das not good.
  13. Emily Yang: You're loved, you're enough, & you're not alone.
  14. Amaya Skillings: I like to watch Netflix.

Intro. to Journalism Contributors T2-2018 (16-29), Author

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