Being Vegan in a Meat-Eating World


Tori Wensloff, Writer

Tips- must be financially stable and determined

I sat down to chat with local vegan and Coon Rapids High School senior Camika Hurdle about her diet journey. Hurdle has been vegan for 8 months, and was vegetarian for 1 year prior to cutting all animal products out of her diet. When asked why she went vegan, Hurdle said it all started when she watched the documentary “What the Health” and realized animal products are bad for your body and the environment. Hurdle was shocked that the foods labeled as “healthy” were actually damaging to her body.

“Overall, I feel better about myself not eating animal products and I feel my diet reflects how much I value living beings,” said Hurdle.

Although she loves the underlying values that being vegan incorporates, she doesn’t love missing out on eating popular food items with her friends, and finds it difficult to find a variety of foods that fulfill her nutritional needs. When asked what foods she missed most, Hurdle responded with “cheese … and Insomnia Cookies.”

Her diet restrictions have pushed her to finding new places to eat. Her personal favorite is Hard Times Cafe located in Minneapolis. Her favorite dish served there is vegan biscuits and gravy with sausage. For eating at home, Hurdle’s favorite meal is Quinoa ‘chicken’ with a baked potato, vegan butter, and toast.

Hurdle said that she has noticed a definite loss of muscle throughout her body since going vegan and is working towards getting that back. Something else she wished she knew before starting was how much easier it would be if she were financially stable. Hurdle said it would have been a lot easier if she were an adult with the financial means and determination, rather than a high school student. Nonetheless, she doesn’t wish to start incorporating animal products back into her diet.

This has been a look into what it’s like to be vegan in a meat-eating world.