Kindness Initiative


Tori Wensloff and Megan Spielbauer

Throughout the first few weeks of school, it’s obvious that the CRHS administration has implemented a new initiative: Kindness. It was introduced at the first assembly when two superheroes rode into the gym on motorcycles. In their speech, they emphasized the importance of kindness and how every student and staff member should work to create a welcoming environment in our school. This was followed up by the mass distribution of Kindness Cards ,which each have small prompts on them that offer a specific way to be kind.

Last year was a very difficult year for many people, not just students and staff at CRHS, but many around the country as well. This is the number one reason that the administration wanted to launch the Kindness Initiative. Seeing the turmoil that affects the world each day, Curt Wallrath and the administration thought that if people were just nicer to each other we would all, in turn, be happier. The whole goal of the Kindness Initiative is to make people feel like they are a part of the school and the community.

Wallrath and the rest of CRHS’s administration team plan to have different Kindness events and programs running throughout the year. Wallrath indicated that he and the rest of administration “don’t want to let [the Kindness Initiative] die.” It’s difficult to measure whether the Kindness Initiative is working, but Wallrath and others have been speaking with different students about what’s going well and what’s not going well to deduce the “mental temperature” of the school. Two plans that are currently in the works are a Kindness Week and Kindness Boomerangs.

Also, you heard it here first, there could possibly be another superhero joining the two Captain Kindnesses.