Flash Fiction

Megan Cosman, Author

In response to a friendly challenge, Ernest Hemingway is rumored to have written the shortest story in existence using a mere six words. He wrote:

“For sale: baby shoes, never worn.”

During Jocelyn Moses’ Creative Writing class, students were given an assignment to create a story using only 50 words. Students stepped up to the challenge. Here are just a few of their stories.

She was delighted by the color yellow.
It drew her into stone cold nostalgia,
The calm collective color reminded her of spring–
April showers bring wet flowers
With rain puddles and grey backgrounds.
She found comfort in being still,
Conversations on pages rather than aloud.
She was astounded by yellow.
– Briana Cruise

His first day of school, he doesn’t want to go. His mother said he must, or he’ll never know what it’s like to be alone, completely on his own. Walking through those doors, he wants to turn and run. She catches his eye, and he thinks he’ll be just fine.
– Sydney Stodolka

The stubborn clock surrenders.
Class is dismissed.
Entering the hallway, noisy and uncharted,
With head down, she pulls out her phone.
She swerves couples and friends,
While checking her Snapchat.
Abruptly awoken from this vitual reality,
She glances to see who disturbed her.
In that one glance everything changes.
– Anika Besst