The Creators Space

Behind The Scenes With The Artists, The Workers, The Writers, And Even The Woman Who Makes It All Possible


The Creators Space. A happy place. A family friendly coffee shop. A beautiful workspace. A judgemental free place. Those are a few of the things I heard when I asked what people’s favorite things about the creators space were. Personally, I’ve only been down to The Creators Space a handful of times, but every time I go, I never want to  leave. You can find this beautiful building on 7th street in St.Paul.

I got the AMAZING opportunity to sit down and talk to some of the people who are a part of the creators space and it was wonderful.

When I sat down and spoke to Melissa Dessart, co-owner of The Creators Space, I had many questions but I obviously could not ask them all. I had to narrow my million questions down to only six. The first thing I asked her was what gave her the inspiration to open The Creators Space? “I was looking for a purpose.” Dessart stated. “I had worked good jobs, but I never felt my purpose was being fulfilled.” By opening The Creators Space her goal was to create a judgement free, calm environment where people could come and be themselves. When asked how long she had wanted to open a business she replied with, “Just one day it needed to happen. I was in a coffee shop and I was under so much stress I couldn’t even think. I put my hands to my head and just said ‘God, if I could just have some place to think!’ and right there is where it all came together.” The last thing I asked her was if she is truly proud of what she had accomplished by opening The Creators Space. “I’m proud of what this community has created and I’m glad I could be a part of helping make this possible.”

I also got the lovely opportunity to sit down with and speak to some of the very talented and awesome people who work around the building. Izzy Welsh is an artist and writer at The Creators Space. Welsh joined The Creators Space because she lived in the neighborhood and she needed space to do her work. Izzy Welsh has been doing artwork for about 35 years. She has a degree  in English from North Carolina State University. Welsh is currently teaching Spark It: Writing with Improv at The Creators Space; the class uses basic improv to stimulate creativity. She hopes to also teach art classes there at some point. When asked what she does outside of The Creators Space her answer was; “I have a husband, so nothing.”

I also was lucky enough to get to talk to The Creator Spaces’ creativity coordinator, Stephanie Kinney. Kinney found out about The Creators Space through the Spring Art Crawl, she didn’t want to  leave! When asked what her favorite part of The Creators Space Kinney stated, “The St.Paul art community, seeing everyone in such a calm and happy state.” When outside of The Creators Space Kinney has a passion for yoga.

It was an amazing opportunity to get to speak to all of these wonderful people and hear their thoughts on The Creators Space.  I hope that you make the decision to go and experience The Creators Space for yourself. It is honestly a beautiful, calming, and free environment. Check out their website to find up-coming concerts, art exhibits and classes.