Cats are a Girl’s Best Friend

Cats are often believed to be a terrible pet, I’m going to prove they’re awesome


A best friend that will play hide and seek with you, watch tv, play outside, and help make bracelets. The bestest friend out there. I’m sure you didn’t think I was talking about a cat. People often think that cats are just a lazy animal that do nothing but sleep their life away; when really many people do fun things with their cats!

Many people think cats are the worst animals that ever walked the earth, thinking they are “devilish” and “mean” but when I asked Emma Hemann why many people don’t like cats, she said, “There’s no reason to hate them, you’re probably just mad because cats don’t like you. Get over it.” Which is true I believe cats can sense that people don’t like them, or you are just meeting the wrong cats.

Why do you think cats are better than dogs?

When I asked this question to my interviewees they mostly claimed because they aren’t as much work as a dog, which is true. You don’t need to walk a cat, like you need to walk a dog. Hemann also made a very good point saying, “Cats will snuggle with you when you want it but will also leave you alone.” Cats are also smaller and have softer fur; they also tend to be quiet and don’t bark every time they hear a noise.

What do you love so much about cats?

I personally love cats for their snuggles; the snuggles I have received from my cats always makes me feel so much better. Both Laynie Hanneman and Emma Hemann said that they love their cat’s paws. Hemann then elaborated saying, “Also their cute whiskers and ears…Plus there’s nothing more precious than a sleeping cat.” A cat sleeping is absolutely amazing, every time I see my cats sleeping I want to automatically want to wake them up to pet them because they are so cute.

What activities do you do with your cat?

Laynie Hanneman said she and her cat had played with lazers. Some people and their cats would get more interesting; Emma Hemann watches TV, plays outside, makes bracelets and plays dress up.  My cat and I love to play hide and seek. He also loves to come along on car rides, and just looks out the window like a little dog. Some cats don’t get as interested in activities like this and just enjoy sleeping with their human.

Many people believe that cats are just boring, hateful, evil, and helpless animals that do nothing with their lives. I hope that this article opened up your hateful cat eyes, helping you to understand that you are (obviously)just meeting the wrong cats. Cats are animals that make their owner’s day, just like dogs make their owner’s day.

Don’t hate on cats because cats don’t like you. Suck it up and learn how to make cats like you, because they really are full of fun, cuteness, and snuggles.