Environmentally Friendly; How to Become a Penguin’s Best Friend


Anika Besst, Writer

I think we can all agree that polar bear cubs and penguin chicks are adorable. Nevertheless, they are thousands of miles away so what can we truly do to protect them for future generations? Here’s a list of  ways we can be environmentally friendly to save our dear cuties:


  1. Instead of single use plastic straws use paper straws, metal straws or no straw at all! For more straw alternatives check out this website: https://www.globalcitizen.org/en/content/alternatives-to-plastic-straws-eco-friendly/
  2. This sounds obvious, but try purchasing recyclable items. Along with this, throw your papers, bottles and whatever else in the recycling bin at your home (since here at school it all goes to the garbage even though there are seperate bins).
  3. Limit background T.V.. Instead go outside, read a book or have a board game day with friends! Also, unplug phone chargers that are not being used since they still suck up energy even if it’s not charging anything.
  4. Another great way to save energy is to use dark colored themes for your computer. Google has created a website called Blackle that is just like Google but in black. By having darker colors it lowers the amount of energy used. For any computer, lower brightness and contrast settings.
  5. Vintage clothing has never been more popular. Plus not purchasing new items cuts back on everything that must be made, therefore limiting energy usage. So buy second-hand and customize to your heart’s desire! Some local vintage and used clothing stores: That Other Thrift Store, Goodwill, Turn Style Consignment, Rewind, Lula, Via’s Vintage
  6. Purchasing from companies that support these following definitions is a great way to look out for your environment. Sustainable Production: creation of goods and services using non-polluting processes and systems. Supporting companies: Adidas, Samsung, Coca-Cola
  7. Fair Trade: fair prices are paid to producers in developing countries regardless of the market. Supporting companies: Patagonia, Lush, Ben and Jerry’s,
  8. Organic: products that are made avoiding use of man-made fertilizers, and pesticides. Supporting companies: General Mills, Whole Foods, KIND
  9. Instead of taking a bath, shower! Limit your shower to under 10 minutes, and don’t turn the heat all the way up to be the most environmentally friendly.
  10. Carpooling is a great way to share some tunes with your friends as well as save the environment! Also, don’t forget the powers of the bicycle- burns calories and helps the planet!
  11. No idea for birthday or Christmas gifts? Try a green theme with recycled notebooks and stationary, solar powered chargers or more.
  12. Share what you know with friends and family. Knowledge is power!