Eight of the best-rated shows found on Netflix-by genre


Imagine, it’s a Saturday night and all you want to do is relax on the couch and watch Netflix, but you have one problem, nothing looks good. Here are 8 very different shows to watch when you’re having one of those nights.

The first show falls under the Drama category and is called Grey’s Anatomy. The storyline follows a group of surgeons that worked at a hospital in Seattle, Washington, and all of the dramatic events that happen in their daily lives. It came out on March 27th, 2005 and as of right now has 15 seasons. It has a rating of 73% Rotten Tomatoes and was recommended by Haddyn Mayer who said, “The endings of each episode always have cliffhangers, so it makes you want to find out what will happen next.”

Next is The Office. It came out March of 2004 and had its finale episode in May of 2013. It has an 88% on Rotten Tomatoes,  it would be under the comedy category, and had a total of 9 seasons. It was a show about people’s daily lives  working in an office, but the characters each had a different, hilarious personality that made the show what it was. Natalie Boyce recommended this show, and said her favorite character was, “ Dwight, he’s hilarious and really weird but he’s different than most characters I’ve ever seen.”

The next show was a more heartfelt, family-friendly show called When Calls the Heart. This show was recommended by Nancy Boyce, and when asked what she would tell people about the show, she said, “ It’s a good show to watch with your family [and] your kids. It reminds me of Little House on the Prairie.”  When Calls the Heart came out in January of 2014 and had 5 seasons so far. On IMDb, it has a rating of 8.5/10. This show followed a teacher named Elizabeth Thatcher who was assigned to her first classroom in a small coal-mining town in Western Canada. It gives insight into a teacher’s life, and the other people of the small towns live in the early 1900’s.

If you’ve been looking for more of a thrilling show, this next one’s for you. The Haunting of Hill House was a brand new show to Netflix and was recommended by Chad Boyce. When asked, “ If you had to tell someone something about this show, without spoiling it, what would you tell them?” he said, “ I would say this show is about a family’s struggles living inside of a haunted house. The story highlights each member of the family. Half of the story covers the characters’ early years living in the haunted house, the other half shows them present day still coping with what they experienced years ago.” The show was released October of 2018 and had only 1 season. For Rotten Tomatoes, it has a 92%.

Next is the show Supergirl. It was a Sci-Fi or fantasy show and came out October 26th, 2015. It had 4 seasons and 90% rating on Rotten Tomatoes. Supergirl was about a girl named Kara Zor-El who escaped a dangerous planet called Krypton and went to Earth to find safety with the Denver family. She grew up with her foster sister, Alex and tried to hide her powers. Then as an adult working for Cat Grant, she found that she no longer would be keeping her powers a secret when she gets called to protect the city and its threats. Maddie McLain recommended this show and when asked what about the show keeps her watching, she said, “The suspense.”

Moving onto Sitcoms, recommended by Abby Boyce was FRIENDS. It was a classic show that came out in late September 1994. It had a 95% on Rotten Tomatoes and 10 seasons with around 20 episodes per season! It’s about 6 friends that live in the same apartment building and the events that happen in their lives on a daily basis. When Boyce was asked who her favorite character was, she said, “ Phoebe, because she isn’t afraid to be different and embrace her own beliefs. For example, she’s vegetarian and sticks to it, despite none of her friends being vegetarian as well.”

Next is Mystery. Isabel Anton recommended the show Riverdale, which was released in 2017, had 90% on Rotten Tomatoes and 3 seasons so far. This show followed a group of high schoolers that lived in the small town of Riverdale. It followed the troubles they faced in their everyday lives as they tried to  figure out who the town murderer is. When Anton was asked if there was anything she didn’t like about the show she said, “The 3rd season is a little weird but you already know I’m gonna continue watching.”

The last show would be under the Supernatural category. Stranger Things was released in July of 2016, received 94% on Rotten Tomatoes, and has 2 seasons but the 3rd to be released soon. This show features a small town in Indiana during the 1980s. It is about a kid who goes missing along with many other strange things that go on in the town and the kids that live there. Natalie Boyce recommended this show and when she was asked what kept her watching, she said, “ It keeps me on the edge of my seat. There is always something happening.”

In conclusion, these were 8 great options of things that you could watch on Netflix that are perfect for anyone. So the next time you are stumped on what to watch, don’t forget to add these shows to your list.